Hudswell Fun-Key Church does Hope and Wonder

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Taking Isaiah 11 1-10 as our reading (the one about the lion and the lamb, the child and the asp all being together) we looked at how God created us all in his own image, all special and all with our own amazing features and gifts. Rather than just speak with people we feel comfortable with, or people that look “ok”, we should look to the fringes, look beyond peoples’ exterior, and find out about them and their inner parts, what makes them them, what is their “centre”. We then looked at the “where is your centre” in the Rise of the Guardians where Father Christmas’s job is to maintain wonder and awe in creation and in people. After making angels for our prayer tree and angels to go inside cards for people we might not normally give cards too because they are on our fringes, we then said prayers and thanked God for wonder.

Revd Antony continued the theme of wonder by saying he would show us something no-one in the world had ever seen before – he cut open an orange and showed us the inside, which up until that point had never been seen, and we were the first to see it. Only God had.
We finished with the film of Christmas in A Nutshell, reminding us that God sent Jesus to be right within our situations, right at the heart of even the grittiest problems – a much bigger story than just presents and cake, and really wondrous.

Thank you to all who came and all who helped.


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